Myths about photography many people still believe.

Hello World!

Everyone cannot understand Income Tax. Likewise not everyone can understand Photography.

Given below are few myths which people which we have met, have perceived about our photography profession.

Myth No. 1:

Photography can only be a good hobby. Not profession.

Fact: People, grow up. This world is earning from Instagram and YouTube. Photography is an art, a passion. Photographers are ‘passionate artists’, who have agreed to live their life following doing what they love. When this world can accept professional Instagrammers, making a photograph is magistic.

Myth No. 2:

Photographs are taken.

Fact: Photographs are ‘made’, not taken. Photograph is like food. Everything matters in it. The colours, the natural ingredient, the presentation, the chef, the expertise, the large focused portion, the foreground, the complimentary.

Myth No. 3:

If I would have had a camera like you do, I can also shoot like you!

Fact: An infantry soldier cannot perform a biopsy and a doctor cannot do grouping by an AK. Exeptions are everywhere. But not everyone an exception. Get it real people. Photography requires forethought. What is the frame size, what lense to choose. Why to choose that lens, why to choose that camera, why to choose that sunlight, why not to choose that sunlight, what to focus and why, what not to focus and why, shadows, foreground, background, compositions, subjects are all a part of the ‘forethought’. So there are a lot of things a Photographer plans before a shoot.

Myth No. 4:

Photographers do not make much money.

Fact: Depends. What the photographers wants. Travel photographers might trade their quotes understanding about the opportunity to travel. Photographers not keen of travelling might not trade. Photographers may earn depending on their niche, expertise and willingness. So stereotyping a photographer will not work. As not every singer in the world becomes Mariah Carey. But they still keep singing.

Would love to know some ‘myths’ which you have heard about your profession.

Till then, keep the love going,