Wake up the gypsy in you – Mountain Love

Everyone is a gypsy.

Everyone loves traveling. Some, by air, some by foot, some by two wheels, four wheels and some just think about it.

Some are too busy in the mundane lifestyle, stuck with the job, getting up only to get their coffee, but still hoping the pokemon go will bring back the movement out of their brain.

Luckily, the earth still has mountains. Mountains which let you know how much ever big you become, you are always puny in the eye of the nature. I have always been in love with the mountains.They have always been with me, even in my earliest childhood. I have loved climbing hill rocks, digging the snow and sliding on ice till my bums turn red.

Mountains, have a very intelligent aura, which soothes everyone’s confidence. It transfers a sense of protection and fill our pupils with endless presence.

Everyone has their choice, but when the mountain calls, everyone should go. To explore themselves. To revive themselves. To understand themselves.

Trek, Cycle, Chug on a bike, Hire a jeep and breathe how much ever you can to save those pure, therapeutic air which will cleanse your thoughts about life & health. because everyone comes later.

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Keep the love going with Aish-Adi,

– Aditya Singh