Food Photography – A niche of its own

Hello People,

With selfies and #foodporn becoming a birthright, we tend to capture every food, every drink, every facial expression we can, to feel new, to feel different and lets face it, to get noticed.

But hardly people notice that food photography is so much a separate talent. Which not only requires different setups, but also separate compositions too. Food & drinks have more affinity for motion, which if not handled carefully, can ruin the whole neatness of the shot. Photographers expert in food photography understand the placement, time, lighting to set for the subject. 

Often people find it hard to establish equation with the thought of food photographer. Our hilarious encounters include “So you keep food on the table and you shoot! My daughter keeps doing that all the time with her mobile!”

Food Photography exists since the camera was launched, the term might have been coined later. It is an art which needs to be acknowledged for which every commercial food photographer stands/bends/squats with a 5kg setup of Camera + Lens in his/her hand for 5 hours, after setting up the hefty lighting equipment.

Food Photography is an intelligence demanding profession, which requires the acuity of your eye, perfect motor coordination, sense of style & colors, sense of compositions and the ability to make the food and drink look better than they actually are.

Let us help these professionals in sharing their capabilities and creating a niche of its own.

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Keep the love going,