Never Say Never Again

Together, we all make decisions. Decisions that influence our life. Decisions which prepare us to make other decisions, and accept their consequences or results.

But sometimes, we compare our decisions with someone else’s. And thus we dilute our own instincts, deceiving our own self by changing our decisions for the “societal” acceptance. We sometimes get scared of the negligence from the society, friends and foes. So much that we lose our own self and do things just to be ‘in-sync’ with everyone, fearing loneliness.

Sometimes we do things which others want you to do, sometimes you do not do some things because others do not want you to do. Here comes the decision making episode. Which again have the consequences loop.

This life is very short, we do not know till when you breathe. Make it worth. Do everything you do. Think about tomorrow, not about next year. There is no destination, destination keeps changing. The only thing you have every moment is the path, the journey you are in. You “decide” what you want to think about in the journey. The variable destination or the constant change. The change which keeps you alive everyday.

Life is not about existing for someone else, it is about having your own self aware that you are alive, kicking and doing what best you can, happily, throughout the journey, till the end. And keeping this thought oscillation going.

Bless yourself everyday.

Keep the love going,