“Survival of the fittest” – It always was. It always will be.

Human inventions has made world a small place, such that General Hyten is preparing US of A to develop Space War fighters for tomorrow.

With India getting up into the Diabetes ladder in the World Ranking, leave aside Rio 2016, it has already broken the world records. With this lifestyle ailment prevalent since ages, this deadly ‘disease’ is still in an infant stage. Experts believe by 2025, India will be at the top, if the same geometric rate continues.

The era has moved from “they used to hunt for food” to “Com’on lets hunt for Pokemon” Ps. Avoid the minefields Bosnia.

The capricious truth is that every species need “growth”. though growth is subjective, but yes, it is needed, in any sense. Same applies for health, it is needed, in any sense.

Survival was the only way our native people survived. They just kept themselves alive to eat the next food.

Survival is the key. Health is the foundation, even explained by Maslow in his Pyramid as Physiological needs in 1943 itself. One side people complain lack of time to dedicate to fitness, another side people are competing in CrossFit Games 2016 with their prosthetic legs.

Doing difficult exercises is better than keeping the body in difficult shape. And yes, round is a difficult shape.

No One wish to make money by staying in bed. So lets make ourselves capable by using four simple ‘Standard operating Procedures’.


We can only make this world a better place for generations to come. Become healthy. Stay healthy. Stay longer. Long enough to see the space war fighters patrolling.

Stay Healthy. Stay Blessed.

Keep the love going,