Happiness Psychology : Photography – For the love of it.

As kids, we just want simple, small things which we get interested in, be it sand, an ant, a rat, two blocks of wood, observing glow worms, figuring out shapes from patterned clouds, without knowing the science or ‘practicality’ . Hence, we tend to enjoy the ‘illusion’ these toys give us, leading to several stories about saving the world in our minds.

As we grow up, we learn, we understand and narrate our younger instances of enjoyable moments as ‘childish’. But these ‘understandings’ sometimes are the diluting factor which eats away our sense of acknowledging beauty in things, in people, in mountains, in animals and in oneself.

One has to become aesthete to actually enjoy life. A trait which everyone is born with, is ignored as it’s useless and impractical approach hinders our ‘so called’ growth.

Sometimes, it is good to be stupid and happy rather than being a genius and sad.

Photography is one profession which takes you back to the era of aestheticism, where you see beauty in everything. And you capture it. Beauty, is always there, in dark spaces, in hot climate, in the rain. In most of the adverse situations, no wonder a photographer might be lost in thought, thinking the capture angle, instead of cribbing about the situation.

Photography has made us optimistic. Optimistic about the tough terrains and the tough journeys, the climate, the cramped spaces, the barren lands, the abandoned places and others, which was otherwise not possible in our life, to see beauty in everything.

Let us all acknowledge the beauty which is present everywhere. Beauty is inevitable, It is an innate  characteristic of everything, be it you car, bike or your body. The only kaleidoscopic view is through you brain.

Learning to appreciate and acknowledge the beauty in everything will make you happy instantly. We are learning to do it. So can you.

We have been blessed to learn photography by loving it, learning it, learning from it and spreading it.

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Stay Blessed.

Keep the love going,