Being A Military Brat – Traits acquired for life.

Every time I revisit my thoughts of being a child, my memories go back to soldiers marching and changing their turns at the main gate, with complete ceremonial uniform, with red feathers on the cap and studded ‘DM’ boots, making that lovely sound every time the walk.
Being a Military Brat has always been a special for me. Doing my schooling at 10000 feet above sea level, climbing slopes from the school to reach home, the only scenery being of mountains, and finding beauty in that, finding shapes, searching for pine flowers, finding shortcut trails in the race to Officers’ Mess with other kids, sleeping with the sound of rifle rounds during night firing practice, were some of the instances of vivid memories.

Thanks to my father, I have travelled and lived in places people can just go for a holiday, but can not live. I feel privileged, proud and fortunate.

But this life has made me what I am today.

Change was one thing which was always constant. My friends, my schools, my teachers, my home, changed every 3 years. As sad and tearful it used to be, adaptiveness grew in me. Liking new place, home, friends, teachers, neighbors became part of the life. And slowly, I learnt the ease in adapting to new situations, which I am thankful today.

Looking at father giving and taking orders in attention and executing it (no questions asked) infused a sense of wish for discipline in me. Getting up early with the parade drum sound became a morning alarm and the aggressive shoe stamping salutes became the soothing spectacle. I became veteran in finding the ‘adm day’ by looking at the open bonnets of the vehicles for inspection at ‘MT’, I could figure out what is cooked in the ‘langar‘ by the fragrance of ‘tandoor’ from the barrack mess‘meat days’ were obvious.

Military Brat-ness has taught me ‘jugaad’: In case life give you lemons, get a tequila, squeeze, suck and throw that lemon away.

‘Jugaad’ is a colloquial Hindi-Urdu word denoting innovative fix or a simple work-around.

The cons I have seen are not less, I have seen my parents not able to attend a family emergency when he was posted in Kashmir. All snow. Roads blocked. No flights. And this is the plight of many soldiers, daily.

Going back to the days of lighting a ‘Bukhari‘ (a heat setup Indian Military forces use in cold places), walking down steep declines just to get the school bus, figuring out some new plants and flowers on the way, which I missed the day before that, are such a nostalgia.

Weekend meant meeting friends, exploring the wild military campus, hanging on the ropes and bars of the obstacle training areas, finding new trails, which I can share with my friends later and get the credit of finding it.

Though I have enjoyed all these years, I am blessed that I was born in that era, away from the cellular palm gripping time of today, enjoying whatever the nature threw at us, and whatever I noticed in nature. There was always a curiosity to see what you going to find out the next day. Today, I stand in my life, with the experiences I have gathered in these years, trying to bring only the good ones in my life and mind.

I also have learnt to complain less and do what can be done. At least my life problem will be lesser than a frostbite or a bullet passing through the eye.

I find myself lucky to live my childhood this way, there could not have been a better life for me.

Military looks so good from outside, glamorous, you get smart uniforms, homes, discounts, travel, facilities, roaming in a 4×4 engaged Maruti Gypsy, and more. What people miss that they stay away from their families whenever asked. Every area is not a ‘free ration’ area, so they pay for their food too.

Being a soldier was their choice, their choice to remain at 14000 ft. and represent us, while we are away, busy in our WiFi homes and offices.

For all those soldiers who are there in those difficult times and terrains, without creature comforts. The nation is thankful that you chose to work in this situation, with your grit and courage is admirable and inspirational to all others. Who are not you.


Keep your love going with Aish-Adi

– Aditya Singh
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Happiness Psychology : Photography – For the love of it.

As kids, we just want simple, small things which we get interested in, be it sand, an ant, a rat, two blocks of wood, observing glow worms, figuring out shapes from patterned clouds, without knowing the science or ‘practicality’ . Hence, we tend to enjoy the ‘illusion’ these toys give us, leading to several stories about saving the world in our minds.

As we grow up, we learn, we understand and narrate our younger instances of enjoyable moments as ‘childish’. But these ‘understandings’ sometimes are the diluting factor which eats away our sense of acknowledging beauty in things, in people, in mountains, in animals and in oneself.

One has to become aesthete to actually enjoy life. A trait which everyone is born with, is ignored as it’s useless and impractical approach hinders our ‘so called’ growth.

Sometimes, it is good to be stupid and happy rather than being a genius and sad.

Photography is one profession which takes you back to the era of aestheticism, where you see beauty in everything. And you capture it. Beauty, is always there, in dark spaces, in hot climate, in the rain. In most of the adverse situations, no wonder a photographer might be lost in thought, thinking the capture angle, instead of cribbing about the situation.

Photography has made us optimistic. Optimistic about the tough terrains and the tough journeys, the climate, the cramped spaces, the barren lands, the abandoned places and others, which was otherwise not possible in our life, to see beauty in everything.

Let us all acknowledge the beauty which is present everywhere. Beauty is inevitable, It is an innate  characteristic of everything, be it you car, bike or your body. The only kaleidoscopic view is through you brain.

Learning to appreciate and acknowledge the beauty in everything will make you happy instantly. We are learning to do it. So can you.

We have been blessed to learn photography by loving it, learning it, learning from it and spreading it.

View our travel photography here

Stay Blessed.

Keep the love going,



“Survival of the fittest” – It always was. It always will be.

Human inventions has made world a small place, such that General Hyten is preparing US of A to develop Space War fighters for tomorrow.

With India getting up into the Diabetes ladder in the World Ranking, leave aside Rio 2016, it has already broken the world records. With this lifestyle ailment prevalent since ages, this deadly ‘disease’ is still in an infant stage. Experts believe by 2025, India will be at the top, if the same geometric rate continues.

The era has moved from “they used to hunt for food” to “Com’on lets hunt for Pokemon” Ps. Avoid the minefields Bosnia.

The capricious truth is that every species need “growth”. though growth is subjective, but yes, it is needed, in any sense. Same applies for health, it is needed, in any sense.

Survival was the only way our native people survived. They just kept themselves alive to eat the next food.

Survival is the key. Health is the foundation, even explained by Maslow in his Pyramid as Physiological needs in 1943 itself. One side people complain lack of time to dedicate to fitness, another side people are competing in CrossFit Games 2016 with their prosthetic legs.

Doing difficult exercises is better than keeping the body in difficult shape. And yes, round is a difficult shape.

No One wish to make money by staying in bed. So lets make ourselves capable by using four simple ‘Standard operating Procedures’.


We can only make this world a better place for generations to come. Become healthy. Stay healthy. Stay longer. Long enough to see the space war fighters patrolling.

Stay Healthy. Stay Blessed.

Keep the love going,


Never Say Never Again

Together, we all make decisions. Decisions that influence our life. Decisions which prepare us to make other decisions, and accept their consequences or results.

But sometimes, we compare our decisions with someone else’s. And thus we dilute our own instincts, deceiving our own self by changing our decisions for the “societal” acceptance. We sometimes get scared of the negligence from the society, friends and foes. So much that we lose our own self and do things just to be ‘in-sync’ with everyone, fearing loneliness.

Sometimes we do things which others want you to do, sometimes you do not do some things because others do not want you to do. Here comes the decision making episode. Which again have the consequences loop.

This life is very short, we do not know till when you breathe. Make it worth. Do everything you do. Think about tomorrow, not about next year. There is no destination, destination keeps changing. The only thing you have every moment is the path, the journey you are in. You “decide” what you want to think about in the journey. The variable destination or the constant change. The change which keeps you alive everyday.

Life is not about existing for someone else, it is about having your own self aware that you are alive, kicking and doing what best you can, happily, throughout the journey, till the end. And keeping this thought oscillation going.

Bless yourself everyday.

Keep the love going,

Food Photography – A niche of its own

Hello People,

With selfies and #foodporn becoming a birthright, we tend to capture every food, every drink, every facial expression we can, to feel new, to feel different and lets face it, to get noticed.

But hardly people notice that food photography is so much a separate talent. Which not only requires different setups, but also separate compositions too. Food & drinks have more affinity for motion, which if not handled carefully, can ruin the whole neatness of the shot. Photographers expert in food photography understand the placement, time, lighting to set for the subject. 

Often people find it hard to establish equation with the thought of food photographer. Our hilarious encounters include “So you keep food on the table and you shoot! My daughter keeps doing that all the time with her mobile!”

Food Photography exists since the camera was launched, the term might have been coined later. It is an art which needs to be acknowledged for which every commercial food photographer stands/bends/squats with a 5kg setup of Camera + Lens in his/her hand for 5 hours, after setting up the hefty lighting equipment.

Food Photography is an intelligence demanding profession, which requires the acuity of your eye, perfect motor coordination, sense of style & colors, sense of compositions and the ability to make the food and drink look better than they actually are.

Let us help these professionals in sharing their capabilities and creating a niche of its own.

To view our Food portfolio click here Drinks click here.

Keep the love going,


Wake up the gypsy in you – Mountain Love

Everyone is a gypsy.

Everyone loves traveling. Some, by air, some by foot, some by two wheels, four wheels and some just think about it.

Some are too busy in the mundane lifestyle, stuck with the job, getting up only to get their coffee, but still hoping the pokemon go will bring back the movement out of their brain.

Luckily, the earth still has mountains. Mountains which let you know how much ever big you become, you are always puny in the eye of the nature. I have always been in love with the mountains.They have always been with me, even in my earliest childhood. I have loved climbing hill rocks, digging the snow and sliding on ice till my bums turn red.

Mountains, have a very intelligent aura, which soothes everyone’s confidence. It transfers a sense of protection and fill our pupils with endless presence.

Everyone has their choice, but when the mountain calls, everyone should go. To explore themselves. To revive themselves. To understand themselves.

Trek, Cycle, Chug on a bike, Hire a jeep and breathe how much ever you can to save those pure, therapeutic air which will cleanse your thoughts about life & health. because everyone comes later.

Check out our travel photography page here

Keep the love going with Aish-Adi,

– Aditya Singh


Hotel Photography – How important it is for the Hotels.

Hi people,

In this era of Expedia, Ibibo, and what not, hotel booking is a wink. We all book hotels, we all plan our vacations and we all do ‘COMPARE’.

We all compare based on price, location, facilities and “THE WAY YOU SHOW ALL OF THESE”. That includes room, food, beverage, swimming pool, health clubs, lobbies, restaurants, bars, spas and most importantly, the hotel personnel. These all ‘representations’ (and of-course many more to add on) provides an overview of the ‘experience’ of the stay, which may turn the site visit to the potential stay.

Hotel Photography provide an opportunity for the Hotel brand to showcase all their features and edge over their competitor which the potential customer might not be even wary about. Imagine a customer who requires a spa for his pet but it is not showcased in your features list but just exist in your drop down as “pets allowed”. Your competitor might just grab him for double the cost.

Hotel Photography is a planned, timelined, organised approach which if well executed, can yield revenue boosts for the property.

View our Hotel & Restaurant Photography Portfolio here

So think wise, be happy.

Keep the love going,


Myths about photography many people still believe.

Hello World!

Everyone cannot understand Income Tax. Likewise not everyone can understand Photography.

Given below are few myths which people which we have met, have perceived about our photography profession.

Myth No. 1:

Photography can only be a good hobby. Not profession.

Fact: People, grow up. This world is earning from Instagram and YouTube. Photography is an art, a passion. Photographers are ‘passionate artists’, who have agreed to live their life following doing what they love. When this world can accept professional Instagrammers, making a photograph is magistic.

Myth No. 2:

Photographs are taken.

Fact: Photographs are ‘made’, not taken. Photograph is like food. Everything matters in it. The colours, the natural ingredient, the presentation, the chef, the expertise, the large focused portion, the foreground, the complimentary.

Myth No. 3:

If I would have had a camera like you do, I can also shoot like you!

Fact: An infantry soldier cannot perform a biopsy and a doctor cannot do grouping by an AK. Exeptions are everywhere. But not everyone an exception. Get it real people. Photography requires forethought. What is the frame size, what lense to choose. Why to choose that lens, why to choose that camera, why to choose that sunlight, why not to choose that sunlight, what to focus and why, what not to focus and why, shadows, foreground, background, compositions, subjects are all a part of the ‘forethought’. So there are a lot of things a Photographer plans before a shoot.

Myth No. 4:

Photographers do not make much money.

Fact: Depends. What the photographers wants. Travel photographers might trade their quotes understanding about the opportunity to travel. Photographers not keen of travelling might not trade. Photographers may earn depending on their niche, expertise and willingness. So stereotyping a photographer will not work. As not every singer in the world becomes Mariah Carey. But they still keep singing.

Would love to know some ‘myths’ which you have heard about your profession.

Till then, keep the love going,


Photographs – Vintage. Nostalgia. love.

Hi folks,

Photography has always been existent in the world. From the stone snapshot of ‘The Croods’ to the ‘Babushka Lady’, it has always been useful, for one reason or another.

The cameras have evolved from the film reels to gravatar collections. Instagram has taught everyone photography. Adobe makes your photograph. Flickr displays your photograph. Twitter and Facebook promotes your photograph.

Gone are the days when people set, and every motion in the photo means re-making the photo after the negative is ready. But technology evolves from itself. Agreed. but where is the love?

Love they say. Is always there. Like air.

You just need to breathe it.

Keep the love going,